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Frequently asked questions

The following frequently asked questions will help you understand and comply with Massey's smoke-free status.

Where can people smoke/vape?

Only where there are temporary shelters or other temporary concessions for vaping or smoking. These locations are reviewed annually.

Find out where the current temporary shelters are located.

What if I see someone smoking or vaping?

Kindly ask them “Did you know that we are smoke-free?” and point them to the signs as well as the locations of temporary smoking/vaping shelters where available.

What if they keep smoking/vaping or are aggressive/abusive?

Make a note of who they are as well as date and location. If you don’t know who they are, take note of the unique characteristics of the person. Do not provoke them; walk away. If you feel threatened, report the incident to security. If you don’t feel threatened, just keep the information in case you see them smoking/vaping again in the future.

What if you see the same person smoking/vaping again?

Report this to the Campus Operations Manager with as much detail as you can. The Campus Operations Manager can then follow up with the individual or the relevant manager / supervisor to ensure that it is addressed.

What if I am the manager of an individual who smokes/vapes?

Be proactive. Be sure they know that we are smoke-free as of 1 January 2018 and what that means for them. Encourage them to consider quitting and get prepared. Offer help and support.

If they will consider trying to quit, point them to the resources to help them quit. Consider whether to prepare a work plan with them to manage the stress of quitting while balancing a manageable workload and stress level. Your HR Advisor can help.

If they will not consider trying to quit, consider the impact that this might have, on the individual’s performance as well as on the wider team if, for example, they will be away from work for long periods of time in order to smoke/vape at a temporary shelter or off campus. Work with the individual to set basic expectations that everyone can live with. Your HR Advisor can help.

What if I am a manager of someone who continues to smoke or vape on campus even though they have been reminded that we are smoke-free?

Ensure the individual is aware of the University’s support for people to quit smoking and remind them that we will support anyone who is struggling to quit or choose not to quit.

You may also remind them that all staff are required to meet their obligations and responsibilities to the University and other staff and students.  Where an individual does not meet these responsibilities and obligations, despite reasonable efforts to support them or where clear expectations have been communicated to them in relation to their conduct and they consistently do not meet them, then the University may consider whether or not disciplinary action, in all the circumstances, is warranted.  Please refer to your HR advisor for support and guidance.

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