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Storm Uru: Sculling Hero


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Storm Uru is pushing the boundaries of his own life, and encouraging other young New Zealanders to do the same.

The ultimate ‘multi-tasker’, the Massey University business student is also a world-champion rower and a Sport and Recreation NZ lifestyle ambassador.

It’s an extremely busy lifestyle, but the combination of a positive attitude and sheer hard work has seen Storm excel in both the sporting and academic world.

The business of no boundaries

Uru lives by the philosophy of no boundaries - anything is possible if he puts his mind to it. It’s a philosophy that has seen him push his capabilities to the limit.

He knows that a career in sport has a time limit, so to ensure his life after rowing is as successful as his athletic achievements, he decided to study business at Massey University.

Right here, right now

Massey was one of the first universities in New Zealand to offer distance learning study options fifty years ago. Since then, it’s built up a strong team of experienced teachers and learning methods and a reputation for excellence.

At Massey it’s about flexibility of learning without compromising on quality of education, and Storm says this is a perfect fit with the demanding lifestyle, and standards, of an international athlete.

“It’s been great studying extramurally. Massey provides a way I can continue to study wherever I am,” he says.

That’s vital for Storm, given he’s only in New Zealand for around five or six months a year.

Making a difference

Of Ngäi Tahu descent, Storm has been back to his marae and local schools as a guest speaker. He is a Sport and Recreation NZ lifestyle ambassador, and chooses to attend events with a Mäori focus as a role model.

“It has been a cool part of what I have done,” he says. “Hopefully I can make a difference in other young people's lives.”

Punishing schedule

Storm’s schedule is unrelenting, and demands a high level of discipline. At 7am each day he lowers his boat into Lake Karapiro. He and rowing partner Peter Taylor have their sights are set firmly on gold at the 2012 London Olympics.

After breakfast at home, Uru will spend another 90 minutes with his books and papers studying. Later, at about noon, he will return to New Zealand Rowing's new complex at the lake and work out at the gym. Then it is another 90 minutes' training on the water and home to more study in the evening.

Storm’s drive to succeed has seen him complete a Bachelor of Business Studies through Massey’s distance learning programme. He ultimately aims to complete a Master of Management.

He’s the first to admit that this lifestyle is not always easy. “I had to complete work for one paper in three weeks after I got back from Beijing (the 2008 Olympics). It was really intense.”

But his hard work and focus is paying off. Through Massey, Storm is able to forge a world-class career in business, while continuing to travel the globe and achieve his world-class sporting goals.


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Storm Uru: Sculling Hero

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