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Bryan McCavana

Graduate Diploma in Rural Studies/Farm Forestry

My name is Bryan McCavana and I am studying for a Graduate Diploma in Rural Studies/Farm Forestry. I have been an arborist for 10 years, and have come to Massey to learn more about trees, particularly how they can help the environment. I am studying full time and will complete the two year course in the middle of 2013 by doing summer school.

The down time in earning is well worth the learning. I am really enjoying studying as an adult as so much of what is taught relates directly to my experiences, and I am also focused on what I want out of my time at Massey, which is learning from papers that interest me and that will produce a qualification to suit my needs.

If you are unsure of what you are currently studying or want to study, don’t be afraid of a year or few in the field to get a feel for life and what you really enjoy doing. As an adult student I strongly recommend studying what you want to study, as it makes it all so much more interesting and enjoyable when you are really in to it. I am 33 and feel like it is nowhere near too late to study, as what I’m learning is the icing on my career so far, and you can always study more, no harm in having two degrees.

The best things about Massey for me so far have been having my entire life’s worth of opinions obliterated by knowledgeable professors and lecturers, but consequently educated, evolved and strengthened. Also just the elation I get when my mind realises new truths.

My best advice is everybody is capable of learning at Massey and the easiest way to do so is to start with papers that you enjoy, to get a feel for what is expected of you academically that way. You are bound to pass in papers that you enjoy, and that will give you a kick start. Also, whatever you do, make sure you take at least two environmental papers; the new New Zealand needs you to!

For more information about the course Bryan studied see Graduate Diploma in Rural Studies.

Bryan McCavana

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