New Zealand words you might not know

Common New Zealand words

Barbie - BBQ
Brew (or brewski) - A beer
Dairy - A corner store, or convenience store Jandals Jandals - A type of footwear also known as flip flops
Judder bar - A speed bump/hump in the road
Loo - A restroom, bathroom or washroom
Morning tea - The morning recess or break during school
Rubbish - Garbage or trash Fish and chips Shark and tatties - Fish and chips
Sunnies - Sunglasses
Togs - A swimsuit or bathing suit

Common New Zealand phrases

Aye (sometimes spelt 'ay' or ‘eh’) - Added to the end of almost any sentence, this can mean ‘don’t you think?’ or ‘do you agree?’ or ‘really?’
Bust a gut - To put a lot of effort in
Cheers - "Thank you"; and is what you say when you clink glasses together
Chur bro - "Nice one" Kia ora
Kia ora - Maori word for "Hello" or "thank you"
No worries - "It’s okay", or "no problem" or "you’re welcome"
Pack a sad - To get upset about something
Pull a sickie - To take a day off work pretending to be sick
She’ll be right - "It’ll be okay", or "No problem"
Shot bro - "Nice one"
Spit the dummy - To get upset about something
Suss it out -  To figure it out
Sweet as - "No problem" or "it's ok"
Yeah nah - "No"

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