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Disbursement and Compliance Details for U.S. Federal Loans

We will assess your eligibility after we receive all required information.  Once approved, we will send you an Award Letter outlining your cost of attendance and identifying the maximum amount you can borrow from each loan type you are eligible to access.

Your Award Letter will ask you to specify how much you wish to borrow and to sign your agreement. Be sure your are familiar with Massey's policies relating to administration of U.S. Financial Aid before signing the agreement.

Your Award Letter can be used as evidence of your ability to pay fees, and if you are a new student, you can request a confirmation of place at Massey University. You will not be required to make payment in advance provided you are borrowing sufficient funds to meet your tuition costs.

Immigration New Zealand may accept the award letter as evidence of sufficient funds for visa purposes, however, this is at their discretion and is not guaranteed.

2020 Anticipated disbursement SCHEDULE

You will be asked to confirm your disbursement eligibility and requirement prior to each disbursement. Failure to do so will delay your disbursement to the next disbursement date.


  Disbursement 1

Disbursement 2

Disbursement 3

Disbursement 4

Email sent from Massey to advise of upcoming disbursement

  2 March

27 April

20 July

31 August

Student to confirm disbursement required

  12 March

7 May

30 July

10 September

Disbursement advised to Dept of Education

  13 March

8 May

31 July

11 September

Disbursement requested from US (Treasury)

  16 March

11 May

3 August

14 September

Disbursement date

  17 March

12 May*

4 August

15 September*

Refund of living allowance (available in student bank)

  27 March

22 May

14 August

25 September

 * Disbursement dates for new programme enrolments and for students on probation.

1098-T FORMS

Massey University does not does not have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and does not send out 1098-T forms.

Illicit Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Information on illicit drug and alcohol abuse at Massey University and in New Zealand can be found on the following sites:

Cohort Default Rate

Massey University’s official 3-year cohort default rate for the 2016 fiscal year is 3.2.

Average U.S. Federal Aid loan debt statistics at Massey University

Student debt table

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