U.S. Federal Aid policies at Massey University

The U.S. Federal regulations require participating institutions, such as Massey University, to develop policies relating to specific aspects of Federal Student Aid. In addition, Massey University has also developed a number of policies to supplement the federal regulations for the foreign school setting.

The federal aid policies below provide clarity to students and explain how the administration of the programme is managed at Massey University. All students are required to read these policies prior to applying for loans through the university. These policies only apply to students applying for U.S. Federal Student Aid.

U.S. Federal aid Return of Title IV policy

You may no longer be eligible for the Federal Student Aid you have received if you withdraw from Massey University while studying. The Return of Title IV policy outlines how Massey University determines a students withdrawal.

U.S. federal Satisfactory Academic Progress policy

The Satisfactory Academic Progress policy outlines the minimum academic requirements a student must maintain to remain eligible to receive U.S. Federal Student Aid. This policy is in addition to the Massey University Unsatisfactory Academic Progress regulations.

U.S. Federal Cost of Attendance policy

The Cost of Attendance policy outlines what items are allowed as part of a Federal Student Aid applicant's cost of study. This policy also indicates how Massey University coverts the cost from New Zealand dollars into U.S. dollars.

U.S. Federal Loan Disbursement policy

The Loan Disbursement policy indicates how your Federal Student Aid will be delivered to you.

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