Managing your loans

Borrowing money to pay for your education is a significant undertaking and we hope this information will assist you to make good financial choices as you undertake your studies.

1.  Commit to study

Ensure you are committed to your studies and have a plan in place to ensure you achieve your educational goals.  Massey University's Academic Support services are available to assist you.

2.  Be informed

Find out about the various types of loans, the terms and conditions, and the repayment options. You may like to consider paying interest on your loan while studying so it does not accumulate and get added to your total loan. You can select this option when you complete your MPN.

3.  Budget and financial literacy

Make a realistic budget each year and try to stick to it. Remember to consider the timing of disbursements and expenditure items, and to factor in the potential for exchange rate movement. You should also consider how you will fund non-education related expenditure that is not included in your Cost of Attendance.

More information on budgeting and financial literacy can be found at and

4.  Know what and to whom you owe

The National Student Loan and Data Service (NSLDS) for Students has a summary of your loans and the servicer for each loan.  You will eventually make repayments to NSLDS.  You can contact them if you need any assistance resolving disputes about your loan.

5.  Apply for deferment

We update your in-school status on the NSLDS system every 60 days, but from time to time you may be contacted by loan servicers to begin repaying prior loans. In this situation you will need to download an In-school Deferment Form from your servicer's website, sign it, and send it to us to complete it for you.

6.  Complete exit counselling

You are required to complete NSLDS exit counselling before you conclude your studies at Massey University. This mandatory counselling can be completed online via NSLDS, and ensures you know what to expect as you transition from study to work and begin your loan repayment.

7.  Keep your address current and your credit good

Ensure that Massey University, your lender, and your loan servicer have your current contact details and permanent home address at all times. If your loan servicer cannot contact you easily your loans may be reported in-default without you being aware of it. This will adversely affect your credit rating and your ability to raise further loans if you are still in school.

8.  Your future employment salary

You can find information on the salary you might earn in your future job through and

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