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Media production risk assessment

Under the health and safety at work act 2015 we are required to make sure you are safe while working with any of Massey University's equipment. Please fill out this form before you borrow equipment for any media production using English and Media Studies or Communication, Journalism and Marketing equipment.

If your lecturer assesses the risk of the activities to be of moderate to high risk then you will have to fill out a full risk assessment before you can borrow equipment.

Details of the production and people in the group
Title of production, report or assignment
What is the course you are studying that requires you to use the equipment

If other please specify: 

Dates equipment will be used
(dd / mm / yyyy)
List all the people involved in your production/assignment
If possible give the role everyone has. E.g. sole reporter or videographer, producer etc.
Date this assessment was made
(dd / mm / yyyy)
This risk assessment was conducted by
your name(s)

Select all the activities you will be conducting

(check as many as required)

if other please specify: 

How people may be hurt:

Thinking about your activities, could you be hurt and if you were could it be significant?

List the activities and the risk of you being hurt for each activity.

Use the matrix at the bottom of this page to judge the potential risk level of the activity. For example: Filming in the Mt Victoria Tunnel for an hour – could be hit by a bicycle, Low risk - high noise levels of car horns, Low/medium - breathing in car and truck fumes, low

What controls have/will you put in place to stop people being hurt?

For example: Controls for filming in Mt Vic tunnel – wear high viz vest and have an observer, wear earplugs, if fumes affect me leave tunnel immediately or wear a mask.
Email Address

Risk level matrix

Risk level matrix

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