Prizes and scholarships available for students

There are a number of prizes available for students who reach a high level of achievement during their study of journalism at Massey University.

Please note: a minimum requirement for eligibility for all prizes and scholarships is that students pass the course.

Top student prize

News media organisation Stuff awards a prize of $1000 to the top student on the Massey journalism course.

The prize goes to the student who achieves the highest overall marks for the papers that comprise the Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism.

In 2018 the winner was Reweti Kohere.

Alex Veysey snippet

Alex Veysey Memorial Prize

The Dominion Post awards a $500 prize to the student who most lives up to the traditional journalistic values of legendary Wellington journalist, Alex Veysey (1927-2002). Alex was old school. A careful and hard-working journalist, he had a deep appreciation of life and culture. In many ways, he epitomised the sophistication required of today's journalists. He was able to move easily in any company, had the intellect and drive to penetrate the most complex stories, and wrote eloquently.

The winner is selected by the postgraduate journalism students. They vote for the member of the class who best encapsulates Alex’s love of life and solid journalistic values.

Brian F.O'Brien Memorial Prize in Sports Journalism

An annual prize of $1000 is awarded to the student who produces the best sports stories, judged from a portfolio of their up to five best stories. The prize is judged by a leading sports journalist at the invitation of Massey Journalism staff.

The prize, funded by Dennis O’Brien, is a tribute to his late father, journalist and publisher Brian F. O’Brien (1922-1982). Brian was a key figure in New Zealand sports journalism for decades, renowned particularly for his publication Sports Digest, a must-read for generations of sports fans from its start in 1949 till ill-health forced its founder’s retirement in 1979. Many of New Zealand’s greatest sports journalists appeared in its pages.

Image shows Brian F. O’Brien and his magazine – Sports Digest.

Insurance Council of NZ Prize for Business Journalism

There is a $750 prize to the top business journalism student on the Massey course.

The prize is funded by the Insurance Council of NZ, and is part of the council's wish to enhance the public's financial literacy and capability, particularly with regard to managing risk and protecting assets. 

Massey's Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism programme includes a business journalism module. The prize is awarded to the Massey student who displays the greatest competency in business, economics and statistics concepts, and produces a strong news story that reports insurance and business concepts in a way readily understandable by a general audience.

The prize is judged by the course's business journalism lecturer.

Asia New Zealand scholarships

Each year scholarships are made available to Massey journalism students to work for English-language papers in Asia. The scholarships are funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation, a non-profit organisation established in 1994 to promote links between New Zealand and Asia.  Asia New Zealand arranges the work placements and funds the students’ travel.

“The journalists who participate in the internships return to New Zealand better informed about the countries they have worked in and with contacts they can draw on in future reporting," says Asia New Zealand Foundation media adviser Rebecca Palmer.

Asia New Zealand scholarship winner stories

Isobel Ewing - India

Isobel was at the Deccan Herald in Bangalore. “Like India itself, my experience in the Deccan Herald newsroom cannot be encapsulated by one sweeping statement." 

Ashleigh Stewart - Indonesia

Ashleigh spent time at an international newspaper while based in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on an ACICIS scholarship.

Siobhan Downes - Hong Kong

Siobhan worked at The New York Times office in Hong Kong, during the region’s democracy protests.


Top student prize

Anne O’Brien (1998)
Laurilee McMichael (1999)
Hannah Lawrence (2000) 
Kathryn Powley (2001) 
Sue Allen (2002)  
Emily Watt (2003) 
Amy Cameron (2004) 
Sarah McDougall (2005) 
Kate Chapman (2006) 
Matt Calman (2007) 
Kate Newton (2008) 
Amanda Fisher (2009)
Sarah Young (2010)
Kris Shannon (2011)
Olivia Wannan (2012)
Siobhan Downes (2013)
Alisa Yong (2014)

Steven Trask (2015)
Eleanor Wenman (2016)
Andre Chumko (2017)
Reweti Kohere (2018)

Alex Veysey Memorial Prize

Adrian Bathgate (2003)
Derek Cheng (2004)
Dan Poynton (2005)
Kiran Chug (2006)
Matt Chisholm (2007)
Michael Forbes (2008)
Rory MacKinnon (2009)
Ryan Bridge (2010)
Laura Walters (2011)
Lucy Townend (2012)
Jess Roden (2013)
Sai Raje (2014)
Amber-Leigh Woolf (2015)
Chelsea McLaughlin (2016)
Andre Chumko (2017)
Adam Pearse (2018)

Brian F. O’Brien Memorial Prize in Sports Journalism 

Chris Hyde (2012)
Adam Poulopoulos (2013)
Jessy Edwards (2014)
Steven Trask (2015)
Jacob Beleski (2016)
Laree Taula (2017)
Nicholas Pointon (2018)

Insurance Council of NZ Business Journalism Prize

Laree Taula (2017)
Reweti Kohere (2018)

Other journalism scholarships

From time to time, other scholarship opportunities arise:

Shaun White (SBS cadetship winner, 2008)
Alisa Yong (Asia NZ Kiwi Asian Journalism Scholarship winner, 2014)
Solbin Kang (Asia NZ Kiwi Asian Journalism Scholarship winner, 2015)
Steven Trask (Science Media Centre Scholarship winner, 2015)
Julie Iles (Pacific Cooperation Foundation, Samoa, 2016) 
Safia Archer (Pacific Cooperation Foundation, Fiji, 2017)
Amber Allott (Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, China, 2017)

Asia New Zealand scholars

  • 2000 – Tarek Bazley (Cambodia)
  • 2001 – Rachel Scollay, Sophie Wilson (Cambodia)
  • 2002 – Catherine Wilson, Haydon Dewes (Cambodia)
  • 2003 – Sally Kidson (China) Ben Fahy, Emily Watt (Cambodia)
  • 2004 – Maggie McNaughton (China) Janna Hamilton, Derek Cheng, Amy Cameron (Cambodia)
  • 2005 – Amanda Strong (China) Esther McLaren, Dan Poynton, Mandy Smith (Cambodia)
  • 2006 – Kate Chapman (China) Lachlan Forsyth, Bex Shannon (Cambodia)
  • 2007 – Tom Fitzsimons (China) Priyanka Bhonsule, Stephanie McKay, Will Hine (Cambodia), Will Robertson (Indonesia)
  • 2008 – Laura Jackson, Cushla Norman (China) Marika Hill, Michael Fox (Cambodia) Kate Newton (India)
  • 2009 – Katie Foley (China) Matt Backhouse, Jimmy Ellingham (Cambodia), Michael Dickison (India), Matt Theunissen (Indonesia)
  • 2010 – Andrea O'Neil (China), John Anthony, Dani McDonald (Cambodia), Hana Garrett-Walker (India), Sarah Young (Indonesia)
  • 2011 – Kerry McBride (China), Kris Shannon (India), Frances Cook (Cambodia)
  • 2012 – Julia Hollingsworth (China), Isobel Ewing (India), Laura Walters (Cambodia), Ashleigh Stewart, Hamish McNicol, Mary Baines (Indonesia)
  • 2013 – Mava Moayyed (Singapore), Aimee Gulliver (Malaysia), Siobhan Downes (Hong Kong/China), Boris Jancic (China)
  • 2014 – Jessy Edwards (Singapore), Catherine Gaffaney (Thailand), Anna Bradley-Smith (India), Kirsty Lawrence (Indonesia)
  • 2015 – Anna Whyte (Indonesia)
  • 2016 – Eleanor Wenman (India), Charlotte Graham (Hong Kong)

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