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Recent PhD Completions | 2015 - 2014

 Completed 2015

Jiali Fang

Name: Jiali (Jasmine) Fang
Area of Study: Finance
Thesis Title: Essays on Technical Analysis in Stock Markets
Supervisors: Prof Ben Jacobsen and Dr Yafeng Qin

Christo Ferreira

Name: Christo Ferreira
Area of Study: Finance
Thesis Title: Essays on corporate social responsibility
Supervisors: Prof David Ding and Dr Jeff Wongchoti

Dang Thanh Ngo

Name: Dang Thanh Ngo
Area of Study: Finance
Thesis Title: Efficiency of the banking system in Vietnam under financial liberalization
Supervisors: A Prof David Tripe;  Dr Claire Matthews and  A Prof Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen

Wei Fong Pok

Name: Wei Fong Pok
Area of Study: Finance
Thesis Title: The role of media content in explaining the index futures market behaviour
Supervisors: Prof Martin Young and Dr Kabir Md Humayun


Name: Suresh Kumar Oad Rajput
Area of Study: Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance
Thesis Title: Pattern recognition techniques and financial analysis
Supervisors: Dr J Jianguo Chen and Dr Jeff Wongchoti

Ahmad Raza

Name: Ahmad Raza
Area of Study: : International Finance
Thesis Title: Essays on foreign exchange rate predictability
Supervisors: Prof Ben Marshall and Prof Nuttawat Visaltanachoti

Uzma Shahzad

Name: Uzma Shahzad
Area of Study: Banking
Thesis Title: Performance measurement of South Asian microfinance institutions.
Supervisors:  A Prof David Tripe; Dr Claire Matthews and A Prof Hatice Ozer Balli

Yi Wei

Name: Yi Wei
Area of Study: Finance
Thesis Title: 3 essays on corporate fraud in Chinese listed companies.
Supervisors: Dr Jianguo ChenA Prof Jing Chi and Dr Carolyn Wirth

Zhongwei (Sumi) Xing

Name: Zhongwei (Sumi) Xing
Area of Study: Economics
Thesis Title: Agriculture and rural development: The case of Fiji.
Supervisors: Prof Rukmani Gounder and Prof Anne de Bruin

Annie Zhang

Name: Annie Zhang
Area of Study: Finance
Thesis Title: Essays on household finance and individual investor behaviour.
Supervisors: Prof Ben Marshall and Prof Ben Jacobsen

Completed 2014

Zafar Hayat

Name: Zafar Hayat
Area of Study: Monetary Policy
Thesis Title: An empirical assessment of Pakistan's discretionary monetary policy strategy using novel discretion and inflation bias indicators
Supervisors: Dr. James Obben and Dr. Shamim Shakur

Karren Khaw

Name: Lee Hwei (Karren) Khaw
Area of Study: Fixed-income securities and Corporate finance
Thesis Title: Convertible Bonds from the Investment and Financing Perspectives
Supervisors: Prof Martin Young and Prof Jonathan Batten

Bo Lin

Name: Bo Lin
Area of Study: Aviation
Thesis Title: The Effects of Joining a Strategic Alliance Group on Airline Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability
Supervisors: Dr James Obben and Dr Andrew Gilby

Faisal Rana

Name: Faisal Rana
Area of Study: International Macroeconomics
Thesis Title: Essays on International Risk Sharing
Supervisors: Associate Professor Faruk Balli, A Prof David Tripe and Prof Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht

Somi Shin

Name: Somi Shin
Area of Study: Economics
Thesis Title: Performance Measures, Reimbursement and Behaviour of Public Health Care Providers in New Zealand.
Supervisors: Prof Christoph Schumacher and Dr Lorenzo Ductor (2012-2014)

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