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Public Sector Management Group


To champion the study of management in public sector within the Massey Business School, with a particular emphasis on sub-national - especially local- government  within Aotearoa/NZ

Public Sector Management group

  • Dr Andy Asquith

    Dr Andy Asquith

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

    A professional Yorkshireman with a passion about the public/state sector with an emphasis on local body governance and politcs in New Zealand.

  • Dr Anna Berka

    Dr Anna Berka

    Lecturer in Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation - School of Management

  • Associate Professor Margaret Brunton

    Associate Professor Margaret Brunton

    Associate Professor - School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

    Margaret Brunton is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication, Journalism & Marketing at the Auckland campus of Massey University.  Before entering academia Margaret practised as an RN in both the public and private health sector.  Her research interests focus on multiple aspects of the role of workplace communication in supporting a sustainable healthcare service in NZ.  Current research explores the intersection between communication and practice between RNs in culturally diverse healthcare organisations. The goal is to identify ethically responsible, practical initiatives to help health professionals navigate the increasing demands and complexity of a rapidly-changing work environment.

  • Dr Andrew Cardow

    Dr Andrew Cardow

    Senior Lecturer - School of Management

  • Associate Professor Grant Duncan

    Associate Professor Grant Duncan

    Associate Professor - School of People, Environment and Planning

  • Prof Richard Shaw

    Prof Richard Shaw

    Director (Arts) - College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Professor in Politics - School of People, Environment and Planning

    I am a Professor of Politics and the Director BA (External Connections)

Publications & Projects

Recent Academic Publications

  • Brunton, M., Eweje, G., & Taskin, N. (2017). Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility to Internal Stakeholders: Walking the Walk or Just Talking the Talk?. Business Strategy and the Environment. 26(1), 31-48

  • Webster, K., & Cheyne, C. (2017). Creating Treaty-based local governance in New Zealand: Māori and Pākehā views. Kotuitui. 12(2), 146-164

  • Shaw, R., & Eichbaum, C. (2017). Politicians, political advisers and the vocabulary of public service bargains: Speaking in tongues?. Public Administration. 95(2), 312-326

  • Shaw, R., & Eichbaum, C. (2015). Follow the Yellow Brick Road: New Directions in Studying Political Advisers in Executive Government. International Journal of Public Administration. 38(1), 1-3
  • Cheyne, CM. (2017). Directly elected mayors in New Zealand: The impact of intervening variables on enhanced governing capacity. In D. Sweeting (Ed.) Directly elected mayors in urban governance. Impact and practice. (pp. 139 - 158). Bristol: Policy Press

  • Duncan, G. (2017). The ‘soft target’ of Labour in New Zealand. In R. Manwring, & P. Kennedy (Eds.) Why the Left Loses: The decline of the Centre-Left in comparative perspective. (pp. 53 - 68). United Kingdom: Policy Press

  • Asquith, AR. (2016). Public sector management in New Zealand’s local government. In J. Drage, & C. Cheyne (Eds.) Local government in New Zealand: Challenges and choices. (pp. 205 - 217). Auckland: Dunmore

  • Duncan, G. (2016). Auckland: How to Govern It?. In J. Drage, & C. Cheyne (Eds.) Local Government in New Zealand: Challenges and Choices. (pp. 220 - 232). Auckland: Dunmore

  • Brunton, MA., & Galloway, CJ. (2016). The role of “organic public relations” in communicating wicked public health issues. Journal of Communication Management. 20(2), 162-177

  • Cheyne, ., & Imran, M. (2016). Shared transport: Reducing energy demand and enhancing transport options for residents of small towns. Energy Research and Social Science. 18, 139-150

  • Asquith, A., Brunton, M., & Robinson, D. (2014).  Political influence on public-private partnerships in the public health sector. International Journal of Public Administration,38(3), 179-188. doi: 10.1080/01900692.2014.929590

  • Cheyne, C. (2016). E-voting Eventually? Online voting in (local) elections. Policy Quarterly. 12(4), 10-16

  • Cardow, AG., & Wilson, WR. (2013). Privatisation: The New Zealand experiment of the 1980's how did retail investors fare. International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies. 5(2), 122-136

Recent Conference Presentations

  • Asquith, AR. (2017, April). The good, the bad and the ugly: Strategic managerial/political relationships in local government. Presented at 21st International research Society on Public Management Conference. Budapest, Hungary.
    [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Asquith, AR. (2016, April). Good old #8 wire: Innovation and local government – Kiwi style. Presented at 20th Annual International Research Society on Public Management Conference 2016. Hong Kong, China.
    [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Duncan, G. (2016, January). Local government reform in Auckland. Presented at Public Policy Network 2016. Sydney.
    [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Asquith, AR., & Cardow, A. (2015, March). Shaping the future – Re-invention or Revolution: Local government leadership and management in New Zealand/Aotearoa. Presented at International Research Society for Public Management [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Cardow, A., & Asquith, AR. (2014, November). The current state of public management in New Zealand. Presented at Chongqing Government AND Ningbo Government Delegations, Auckland [Conference Oral Presentation]
  • Asquith, AR., & Cardow, A. (2014, July). The current state of public management in New Zealand. Presented at Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Delegation, Auckland [Conference Oral Presentation]


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