Pharmacokinetics of abamectin in the dog

There have been numerous incidences of poisoning in New Zealand working and pet dogs from accidental or intentional exposure of concentrated abamectin-containing parasiticides, usually pour-on products that are palatable to dogs. The number of valuable working dogs that have been fatally poisoned is not known but is likely to be significants based on known incidences.

The pharmacokinetic properties of abamectin, a parasiticide, in the dog are not published in the public domain. This information is important in understanding the processes of absorption and excretion when treating poisoned dogs. Identifying the time it takes to absorb and eliminate abamectin in the dog would be valuable in developing an effective treatment plan.

A pharmacokinetic study using dogs given an oral dose of Genesis Pour-on will be completed. Six dogs will be serially sampled for up to 36 hours based on a pilot study in one dog. Plasma samples will be analysed using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to determine the pharmacokinetic properties of abamectin in each dog. Abamectin disposition in the dog will be published for the use of veterinary professionals, farmers and other interested persons to highlight the need for prevention and to provide a scientific basis to aid in the effective treatment of poisonings.

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